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The Morayshire Railway's line from Elgin to Lossiemouth was authorised in 1846, opened in 1852 and merged with the GNoSR in 1880. It closed to passengers in 1964 and to goods in 1966, apart from goods facilities at the GNoSR station in Elgin.


Authorised: 16/7/1846*
Merged with the GNoSR: 1/10/1880

*: MBH gives the date as 10/7/1846

Elgin - Lossiemouth 10/8/1852*

*: Official opening. Regular traffic commenced 11/8/1852

Elgin - Lossiemouth
6/4/64 (passengers)
28/3/66 (goods/completely)*

*: Apart from goods facilities at Elgin's GNoSR station.

158 LOSSIEMOUTH (P 6/4/64 G/CC 28/3/66)*
159 ELGIN (GNoSR) (P 6/5/68) Open for goods until ?**

*: conditional stops existed at Linksfield Level Crossing and Greens of Drainie between Lossiemouth and Elgin. But no station buildings existed and both names disappeared from the timetables in November 1859.

**: The GNoSR station was rebuilt in 1902 and the goods depot was known as Elgin East.

Station openings
Both stations opened on 11/8/1852.

Lossiemouth closed to passengers in 1964 and goods services were withdrawn from the line north of Elgin station from 1966. Elgin GNoSR station - known as Elgin East - remained open for goods.

PICTURE: Elgin East station in 2009. The imposing former GNoSR station is now in use as a small business centre (John G Williamson)

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