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The St Combs Light Railway was authorised in 1899 and opened in 1903. Originally promoted by local interests, the Great North of Scotland Railway took over full responsibility for the undertaking.

It closed to goods in 1960 and to passengers in 1965, five months before passenger trains ceased on the main Fraserburgh branch.


Authorised 8/9/1899

Opened: Fraserburgh - St Combs 1/7/03
Closed to goods: 7/11/60
Closed completely: 3/5/65

85 KIRKTON BRIDGE HALT* (P/CC 3/5/65 - no goods)
86 PHILORTH BRIDGE HALT (PCC 3/5/65 - no goods)
87 CAIRNBULG** (G 7/11/60 P/CC 3/5/65)
88 ST COMBS*** (G 7/11/60 P/CC 3/5/65)

* Opened 1904 and known as Kirton Bridge Halt in timetables until 6/08
** Station was originally to be called Inverallochy, but opened as Cairnbulg. Unstaffed from 7/11/60)
*** Unstaffed from 7/11/60

Station openings
All stations opened on 1/7/03, apart from Kirton Bridge Halt, which opened in 1904.

Cairnbulg and St Combs closed to goods and were unstaffed on 7/11/60, when the branch closed to goods traffic.
All four stations closed to passengers on 3/5/65, when the branch closed completely.

PICTURE: trackbed of the old St Combs branch in 2008, looking from Philorth Bridge Halt towards Cairnbulg (John G Williamson)

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