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Originally a branch of the Formartine and Buchan Railway, which ran from Dyce to Peterhead, the line from Maud to Fraserburgh was authorised in 1863, opened in 1865 and was merged into the GNoSR in 1866.

It closed to passengers in 1965, five months after the Maud to Peterhead branch, and closed completely in 1979.


Fraserburgh branch, altered route, authorised: 21/7/1863
Merged with the GNoSR: 1/8/1866

Maud - Fraserburgh 24/4/1865

Maud - Fraserburgh
4/10/65 (passengers)
6/10/79 (goods/completely)

78 BRUCKLAY (P 4/10/65 G/CC 28/3/66)
79 STRICHEN (P 4/10/65 G/CC 19/6/67)
80 MORMOND (G 1/6/40 P/CC 4/10/65)
(unstaffed and renamed MORMOND HALT 1/6/39)
81 LONMAY (G 23/3/64 P/CC 4/10/65)
82 RATHEN (G 7/11/60 P/CC 4/10/65)
(unstaffed 7/11/60)
83 PHILORTH (G 26/7/26 P/CC 4/10/65)
(unstaffed 26/7/26, also known as PHILORTH HALT)
84 FRASERBURGH (P 4/10/65 G/CC 6/10/79)

Station openings
All stations except Rathen opened on 24/4/1865.
A rebuilt and enlarged station at Fraserburgh opened on 1/7/03.
The original Brucklay station was renamed New Maud Junction with the opening of Brucklay on the Fraserburgh branch.
Philorth was originally a private station serving Lord Saltoun of Philorth House.

Philorth closed to goods in 1926, Mormond in 1940, Rathen in 1960 and Lonmay in 1964.
All stations closed to passengers on 4/10/65 when these four stations closed completely.
Brucklay closed completely on 28/3/66.
Strichen closed completely on 19/6/67.
Fraserburgh closed completely on 6/10/79 when the branch shut to goods traffic.

PICTURE: Fraserburgh station in 1982, shortly before demolition (John G Williamson)

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