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The Morayshire Railway's Glen of Rothes line would ultimately provide the GNoSR with an alternative - but slower - route between Elgin and Keith to that offered by the Highland Railway. The line was authorised from Elgin to Rothes in 1860, opened to goods in 1861, to passengers in 1862 and was merged into the GNoSR from 1880.

The line closed to passengers in May 1968 and completely in November that year as first passenger and then goods services were withdrawn between Elgin and Keith via Craigellachie.


Glen of Rothes line authorised: 3/7/1860
Merged with the GNoSR: 1/10/1880

Elgin - Rothes
30/12/1861 (goods)
1/1/1862 (passenger)

Elgin - Rothes
6/5/68 (passenger)
4/11/68 (goods/completely)

155 LONGMORN (G 27/2/67 P/CC 6/5/68)*
156 COLEBURNS (P 4/1867 G/CC 10/8/64)**
157 BIRCHFIELD PLATFORM (P/CC 7/5/56) no goods

*: G 1968 except private sidings, since closed
**: Originally a conditional platform, closed in 1867. G/CC 1964 except private sidings, since closed. Goods depot known as Coleburn from around 1904.

Station openings
Longmorn opened on 1/1/1862 with the line and Coleburns on 5/6/1863 as a conditional halt. Birchfield Platform opened in 1871.

Birchfield Platform closed completely in 1956. Coleburn closed to passengers in 1863 but remained open to goods until 1964. Longmorn closed to goods in 1967 and completely in 1968, when passenger services were withdrawn from the route.

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